5 Hacks To Reduce Braces Pain

Dental braces are one of the most recommended treatment to fix teeth misalignment and crossbite. Investing in this kind of treatment will lead to better speech and healthy set of straight teeth. But before patients get to that point, they would probably experience pain and discomfort.

Dental professionals who are experts in braces and Invisalign in Dubai compiled a list of pointers to manage the pain and make braces wearing more bearable:

  1. Go for cold beverages

Remember the treatment for swelling joints? Well, it can also do wonders for your braces pain. Drinking cold beverages can reduce the pain in your gums, especially after your braces are tightened. Most orthodontists recommend eating an ice cream or putting an ice pack each side of the cheek. It can help decrease the inflammation and swelling. But do not chew ice chips to prevent the swelling. Too much mouth movement and chewing can displace the braces or damage the brackets and the bands.

  1. Watch out what you eat

Speaking of eating ice, be sure to stay away from hard to chew food and dishes when you are still on your braces. Orthodontists strongly advise their patients on eating hard and crunchy food as it can damage the braces and its components. It can also hurt your already sensitive gums. Instead, go for softer food and beverages like yogurt, smoothies, and mashed fruits. Once the pain and the swelling subsides, you can go back to eating other kinds of food.

  1. Gargle a salt-water solution

Soreness and swelling comes with the territory when you are wearing braces. To alleviate the pain and the soreness, swish a salt-water solution for 30-60 seconds. This solution can help reduce gum irritation, reduces the pain, and also kills the bacteria in the mouth.

  1. Invest on a mouth guard

Mouth guards are not just for individuals who are into contact sports. Patients with dental braces are also recommended to wear mouth guards to reduce the pain. These dental gears can help protect the soft tissue in your mouth and also keep the brackets in their proper places. It can also help reduce discomfort brought by the newly-tightened braces.

  1. Try teething rings

Teething rings are not for infants and babies. Dental patients can also use them to reduce braces pain. Freeze a soft teething ring and chew it gently. The coldness of the teething ring can help soothe your aching gums.

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