Add Character and Personality with Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is going to really add character to your home and office while also saving quality furniture from the landfill. There are a couple of primary things to buy vintage that will make a huge improvement on your home. Let’s take a look at a couple of ways.


Brighten Your Walls

There are plenty of ways to give the walls of your home a voice. A vintage lithograph is one of the most ideal ways to do this. Old Guinness advertisements, movie posters from the bygone days of cinema, and more can be amazing ways to improve the look of your home, without spending a lot of money. There is so much variety to be found in vintage artwork like this that you can find a perfect piece for any room and style. The nostalgic feel that this kind of artwork brings is something that lots of people long for.


You should be careful to stay away from reproductions, though. An original lithograph is very superior to a reproduction and a reproduction can destroy the look. If you notice that the image seem pixelated, you are looking at a reproduction. An original piece will have vibrant brush strokes and you will be able to see the places in which the color has seeped through on the back. Read more about this for further information.


Lighting Options

When it comes to lighting, staying away from the new LED lamps that are so popular can be a great idea. A classic shade or chandelier can serve as not only a wonderful conversation starter, but it will in fact provide more light than many modern replacements. If you still want the LED powered kind of lighting that most homes use you can find retro fitted pieces that will give you the look, but with modern function.


Nostalgic Tea time

Tea time might not be a common theme in homes in the world today, but the look that a tea pot and set can provide is timeless. Unlike the IKEA set that you bought to look quaint, finding a vintage set is going to be one of a kind an unique. When you buy a vintage tea set you will be buying something that has a history behind it. Families gathered around this and drank tea a couple of times a day and now it has traveled to your home.


Desk Accessories

Love reading Hemingway, Faulkner, and others and imagine them sitting at their desks cranking out their novels? Finding a vintage desk and typewriter can give your office a look that is beyond words or price. Even simply adding a vintage picture or other desk accessory as a piece of office furniture in Dubai can improve the look even more.

This article was written by tyuiop