Kitchen Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Designing your kitchen space is an exciting activity. By infusing your ideas, you can create a space that you can call your own. However, you need to follow certain interior design guidelines to ensure that your kitchen’s functionality is intact.

If you are in the process of designing your kitchen, experts in kitchen design in Dubai provided a list of design pitfalls that you need to avoid:

  • Not making it fun


Some people believe that kitchens should be basic in terms of look and function since it has only one purpose – for preparing meals. But you need to keep in mind that the kitchen is the heart of the home and it should have that fun and loving ambiance. Infusing your personal style and preferences would encourage you to cook enthusiastically in your kitchen.


  • Overdoing it


Although you are given the free reign to design your kitchen, you should avoid overdoing it. Bear in mind that the kitchen is a place of work also. You are there to cook meals for your family. Putting too many design elements might affect the way you move inside the space and also the way you work. Design experts advise homeowners to keep the design on the classy side. You can still make it fun but also keeping in mind the purpose of the space.


  • Forgetting about storage


Kitchen storage is an important facet of this space. Most the time, homeowners are too fixated about the design of the kitchen that they totally take the storage for granted. With ample storage in the kitchen, you will have no space to store your kitchen equipment and ingredients. So always take into account the kitchen storage and be sure that you allot a corner for that purpose.


  • Not think about the kids


Most homeowners design their kitchen based on their preferences. But you also need to take into account the kids. Although they might not do all the cooking, there is a high chance that your kids will pay your kitchen a visit. Be sure that this space is child-proof and safe for everyone to use, including your kids. Go extra miles on kitchen security features such as installing anti-slip floors, strategic storage of hazardous kitchen equipment and smart floor plan.


  • Not buying the right furniture


When you are design your kitchen, it is a must that pick kitchen appliances that serves the aesthetic and functional purpose of the space. This is to ensure that your kitchenware complement the design theme but also provide help during meal preparation.

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This article was written by tyuiop