Scaffolding Management Tips Every Contractors Need To Know

Staging or scaffolding is a temporary structure that contractors used to provide ample support to the structure and the workers. This equipment is an essential part of the work since it provides lots of assistance to team.

Given its significance, it is a must for contractors and site managers to ensure that this equipment is properly managed – from installation to egress. This is to ensure the safe of the workers and also prolong the lifespan of the equipment. Here are some aluminium tower scaffold management tips that contractors need to follow:

  • Allot precious time to the installation

One of the mistakes that contractors commit is that they are rushing to install the scaffold so they can immediately start with the project. But rushing the installation might backfired and cause more harm than good on the project. There is a high chance that you are missing something when urgently installing the equipment. The best thing to do is to provide or allot time for the installation and follow the instructions provided by your trusted scaffolding supplier in Dubai. Correct installation can guarantee the safety of the workers who will be using it.

  • Identify hazards and danger zones

Another thing that is sometimes taking a back seat when installing or using scaffolding is determining the risk factors. Reasons vary from tight deadlines to simple carelessness. But this part is quite important. Awareness of onsite potential hazards can save the workers from imminent danger and also prevent equipment damage that can stall the project. In case of scaffolding, the potential risks would include improper uses, incorrect installation, lack of ground support and other elements such as the site itself and the weather.


  • Train people well using the scaffold

Using the scaffold might look easy, but there are proper ways of installing, using, and dismantling this equipment. Following proper guidelines can minimize risk. Before the project starts, be sure that the workers are properly trained on how to use the scaffold and brief them on the inherent dangers of not using it properly. Some contractors make it a point to have their team undergo seminars and training to ensure that everyone is informed and aligned on the purpose and use of the equipment. This goes not only for scaffolding, but for the rest of the site equipment as well.


  • Be organized and tidy when using the scaffold

Part of the training is to inform workers about tidiness and organization in the worksite. But oftentimes, this concept is thrown in the air once the project commenced. Be sure that the workers are following what is being taught to them to prevent accidents.

This article was written by tyuiop