Selling flowers in Dubai

Selling flowers in a desert is not a dream that many would love to watch, but when this desert has a marvel like Dubai, it becomes everyone’s dream to open a floral shop business there. Especially, the people who love flowers and possess certifications and proper trainings of how to take care of the delicate flowers, the dream of having a flower shop in Dubai becomes even more endearing. What is your dream? Would you like to be a florist in Dubai? Rulers of this amazing state has done a great job in harvesting many areas which can be used for growing flowers while Dubai is the easiest place to get anything imported, which makes it a great place to have a flower shop.


Millions of people come to Dubai from all parts of the world during the days of festivities, some others for job search, while many others visit this place as tourists. They all spend massive amount of money in the city and flower is something which is always dear to everyone. Whether it is a wedding function or Valentine’s Day, or any other beautiful occasion, flowers are always in top demand. Your business as a floral shop will always be able to deliver positive emotions and you will be sharing happiness among the people. As per an estimation, the retail margin on floral products can range from 100-300 percent.


Feeling intrigued? Another thing to be taken into consideration is that its initial costs can be minimized while the overall costs will be recovered in the shortest possible time. As a florist, flowers will not be your only product on sale rather you would also be selling related products like gifts and souvenirs, special soil, house-potted plants, stoneware and many other such products. As we all know, the bigger the range of the products is, the size of the profit margin will get bigger. So it is always a good idea to offer a bigger range of products to your customers. Moreover, if you are able to find dependable corporate clients, it will give a major boost to your income from the business. These companies are always arranging corporate events where they are always in need of fresh flowers and decorations. What’s more, you can also add birthday cake delivery in Dubai to the range of your business, which can certainly offer more value to your customers’ delight.


Once you are able to find a great place for your floral shop, the rest totally depends on how you market it. If you’re located in a commercial place, you would be targeting the nearby offices, which is indeed a bigger market. If you’re located in a non-commercial place, then you will have to put more energy on social media marketing and offline marketing to spread the word about your business.

This article was written by tyuiop