Teaching Your Kid How To Deal With Stress

Kids, like adults, are also dealing with stress on a regular basis. It might be trivial and mundane for adults, but for kids, it can be a serious thing. Kids and toddlers who are experiencing this condition have notable changes in their behaviors and performances.

As early as now, you need to teach your kids on how to handle stress better, so will know what to do if they are experiencing it. Here are some tips from a lady psychiatrist in Dubai that might help your kid:

  • Teach them to be calm


If you notice that your kid is acting irritated and annoyed over something, it might be due to the feeling of stress. Once you see these signs, call your kid and talk to them. Teach them to breathe in and out. Yes, the same technique that adults used can be applied to kids. These breathing exercises can help calm down their emotions and lessen the feeling of irritation and annoyance. Once your kid is calm, he can think better and get back to his work with a new attitude.


  • Teach them to communicate their feelings


The feeling of stress is sometimes left unsaid or ignored. This would make your kid feel worse and also can lead to other mental disorders. Your kid may not know that he is stressed, but he definitely knows that he is not feeling good about what is happening. Teach your kids to talk to you if they are feeling unhappy or unsatisfied. Teaching your kid to be open would release the burden he is feeling about a certain situation. Ask them nicely what is bothering them and let them vent for a while. This can reduce the feeling of stress and both of you can deal with the situation in a calm manner.


  • Opt for a break


Continuous exposure to stressful situations may leave your kid feeling like stressed out as well. You need to teach your kids to take a break when they are feeling stressed and pressured. Some kids tend to get on with the activity despite feeling strained and anxious. This can lead to a more serious mental problem and definitely considered a bad practice. A timeout would help them sort out their thoughts and clear their head.


  • Find healthy distractions


Distracting yourself for the meantime can help relieve stress. Same goes for kids. They need to get distracted and distanced themselves from stressful situations to calm their minds. The best psychologist in Dubai recommends to have a list of good distractions to help your kids cope with stressful situations. As simple as playing a game would surely take their mind of things for the meantime.

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