Dispelling The Myths About Cruise Adventures

There have been a lot of misconceptions surrounding cruise travels and adventures. These so-called “cruise myths” have been circulating for such a long time that it prevents potential travelers from trying it out.


But in reality, cruise adventures are one of the most sought-after trips that travelers would like to try. If you are having second thoughts of booking your Dubai Dhow Cruise deals, knowing the truth behind these myths might change your mind:


  • It is not safe


You are probably thinking about Titanic and the tragedy that happened. But that is just an isolated case. Cruise ships nowadays are built to secure sea travels and promotes the safety of the passengers. The state-of-the-art vessels that are being used as cruise ships are built with safety features that would ensure the security of passengers should something unfortunate happens. Also, there are safety guidelines set to inform passengers on what to do when a sea tragedy strikes. But it is less likely to happen nowadays.


  • You can acquire sickness when boarding a cruise


Some people think that cruise ships are filled with germs and you will probably get illness from joining a cruise trip. But the truth is, the worst thing that can happen to you is getting sea sick. Cruise operators ensure that every corner of the ship is tidy and germ-free for the sake of the passengers. Operators have a team of cleaning professionals that sweep the vessels and disinfect every corner and room before passengers are asked to board. Moreover, vessels are being checked and inspected by a governing agency or third-party inspector to see if they are following guidelines set by these agencies. Cruise ships who did not pass the inspection are most likely not to be given license to operate.


  • You don’t have enough time to visit other places


One of the things why some people think cruise trips are just waste of money is because of the misconception that passengers will not be given enough time to explore ports. That is not true. Although there are restrictions with the time, the duration for exploring the place on every port stop is enough for passengers to stroll, roam, and checkout the place.


  • It is always formal dinners and black-tie parties

Again with the Titanic reference. Not all cruise ships are black-tie event. That would depend on the activity and cruise restaurant offers in Dubai. You just need to check what activities are included on the trip to know what clothing and outfits you should bring along with you.

This article was written by tyuiop