Information about business setup in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is not just the capital of the United Arab Emirate but also one of the most important business centers of the region. Massive developments, business friendly economy and stable political situation of the Emirate make Abu Dhabi an ideal place to invest your money in starting a business. However, it is highly recommended for you to get as much information about new business setup in Abu Dhabi before setting up your business in the Emirate as you can.

One of the first and most important things that you must know is that just like Dubai there are also free trade zones in Abu Dhabi which means you will have the choice to register your business either with Abu Dhabi Economic Department or you can simply register your business in a free trade zone in Abu Dhabi. If you don’t know already, there are currently 8 different free trade zones in the Emirate that offer unmatched business opportunities for foreign investors. Registering your business in a free trade zone, you will be able to receive a number of benefits including duty free trade.

However, registering a business in a free trade zone is not the best option for every investor who want to start a business in Abu Dhabi. If you are going to business in Abu Dhabi to access local market and offer your products and services in the local market, then registering your business with Abu Dhabi economic department will be the best option that you can opt for.

You should also bear in mind the fact that registering your business in Abu Dhabi on your own will not be an easy task. You will have to go through a hectic and tiring company formation process, especially if you are going to opt for LLC company formation in Abu Dhabi. If you are worried about the same thing, then relax. There are a number of company formation consultants in Abu Dhabi who will be able to offer you their professional services for setting up your business in Abu Dhabi for a very reasonable fee. If this is the type of a service that you are looking for, then the internet can help you a great deal in finding a professional business setup consultant for your company formation. However, you will have to make sure that you only choose a business consultant who is not only experienced but also holds a very good reputation in the market for offering top quality company formation services.

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