5 Smart Furniture Solutions For Small Living Spaces

Having a small space often limits homeowners from designing and beautifying their homes. Since they have to make do with the little space they have, they tend to buy small furnishings that can fit right into the space.

But a top interior design company in Dubai can tell you it doesn’t have to be that way all the time, especially for homeowners living in a small space. There are interior solutions that they implement so they can design a limited space with style.

  1. Consider undercover tables for the kitchen

Dealing with tiny kitchen spaces can be stressful since you need to thoroughly plan where to put all your kitchen equipment and tools. Oftentimes, the solution is to forego some of the items, especially if the space also doubles as a dining room. But smart home furniture solutions can solve this design issue. Having a customized pull out table and chairs in your kitchen unit can be a good alternative to designing a multi-purpose space. You can use your kitchen for preparing meals and dining in.

  1. Try vertical bunks for bedrooms

If you have kids and you are living in a tiny home, giving them their own beds would be a big challenge. The ideal solution here is to make do with vertical bunks, instead of placing two big beds on the floor. With double-deck beds, you will be able to accommodate at least two people in one bedroom and still have space for their dressers and other personal things. There are vertical bunks available in the market today, but it would be best if you will have this customized to get the right fit for the room.

  1. Opt for slimmed-down pieces

Antique pieces are quite a beauty, but if you have limited space at home, it might eat up all space in the room that is meant for other furnishings. Given the limitations, choose furniture items that are lean and slimmed down. For instance, instead of using a big, vintage table in your tiny bedroom, go for a chic but slim bedside table and an armless chair to save on space.

  1. Try the play-with-scale technique

One of the challenges of designing for a small space is making it look bigger. The trick here is to create the illusion of space and bulk. For example, you can scale up a bedroom by using a big headboard to fool the eye into thinking that the bed is big and spacious.

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