Bulletproof Cars – Do You Even Need One?

Taking a ride in an armored car is a joy like no other. Only those of you who have traveled in bulletproof cars will be able to tell the difference. There are several differences between armored and bulletproof cars. The most significant difference between the two genres of armored cars is the level of ballistic protection. You may be wondering how can there be a difference between the two when both are designed for the same purpose. The answer lies in the fact that they are not – in fact – they are designed to withstand different penetration values. For example, your baseline-armored car, standing at around B5 level will not be able to withstand a B6 or B7 level bullet for sure. You cannot go wrong in your decision to buy an armored car- that’s for sure, considering the ever depleting situation of the world peace, who knows who might need to buy one? Here is more on whether you should invest in a bulletproof car or an armored one – and is there is a difference between the two or are they the same?

An Insight Into Armored Cars

However, it will still offer you a very decent level of protection against other threats like an angry mob attacking your car with other threats like stones etc. However, the baseline ballistic protection is not thick enough to protect you against high velocity threats like bullets, shells and even rockets. Still, any level of ballistic protection will rate your car as an armored car. In fact, you find most armored cars fitting in this category, as they are the best mix of great armor protection as well as affordability. On the other hand, there is also a more advanced version of armored car, also known as armored personnel carrier. This beast is designed to handle rugged terrains and life threatening scenarios. For the most part, it is designed for the armed forces and is often used by law enforcement forces. Bulletproof cars, unlike their baseline-armored counterparts, consist of more protection including layered and even composite one. Of course, the composite protected cars are going to offer more protection due to composite materials and sheets. These are specially designed materials meant to offer a notable protection against bullets, rockets and in some cases even IEDs. However, you may need to request the supplier to enhance the floor armor to achieve the latter.

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