Causes of dental implant failure

Dental implant has been proven very helpful for many teeth problems. But there are still some unknown reasons which cause the failure of this treatment. According to statistics, the failure is about 5 % for lower jaw implant while 10% for upper jaw. There is still no answer to the question why sometimes even the best dental implants in Abu Dhabi fixe up successfully on one person and sometimes they don’t.

Some dental experts believe that the dental implant failures are due to presence of bacteria in jawbone before the implant is done. When implant is inserted into the bone it activates the bacteria which loose the tissue around the implant. The implants on bacteria free bone will be clean and get healed on time but on the other hand the bacteria infested implant gets inflamed which can never heal properly and resulting in failure.
Dental implant rejection: Dental implant rejection is different from its failure. These implants are made up of metal called titanium which is also used in hip replacements. It is pure substance and has no allergic reaction to human tissues. However, it is possible for dental implant to get contaminated during it making at factory due to some unhygienic condition. Plus there is also a chance to get contaminated in dentist’s office if it is not placed under sanitized condition. The dangerous thing about this is that you cannot tell if the dental tools or dental implant is unhygienic until it gets fitted inside mouth. After getting inside mouth if bleeding doesn’t stop and it constantly hurts that mean you are having a dental implant failure and in that case you should contact your doctor immediately.
Other causes of dental implant failure: Due to the patient’s negligence and lack of precautionary measures, the dental implant can result in failure. After the implant, the doctor will give you clear instructions on how to take best care of your newly implanted teeth. It becomes necessary for the patient to follow these precautions for some time. If not followed it is very likely to develop some problems inside your mouth. For few days after implant you have to regular follow up with doctor, if your wound is not healing and there is swelling then it might be some infection and you need to get to your doctor at once. Look at here for more information in this regard.

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