Pregnancy and Dental Care: Simple Dental Tips For Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy can bring lots of changes in woman’s body, and that includes her dental health condition. With lots of myths circulating these concepts, some moms tend to put dental health on the last of their list. But it shouldn’t be the case.

To ensure that your gums and teeth and healthy throughout your pregnancy, simply follow these tips:

  • Do not forget your oral hygiene


Once you get the news that you are pregnant, there is suddenly a shift of focus. All attention is given to the coming of your little bub. But do not forget about yourself as well, especially your dental care and hygiene. Treating any dental problems during your pregnancy will be as twice as hard since the treatment is limited due to your condition.


Be sure to follow a strict dental care regimen to ensure that your pearly white will stay white and intact. Do your regular brushing and flossing and avoid food that can ruin your teeth.


  • Attend your dental appointments


Apart from following a solid dental care routine, you also need to check with your dentist regularly. Why? Since you are now having a baby, your diet will change dramatically and this might affect your dental health. Once you found out that you are pregnant, you need to include dental appointments to your list of pre-natal checkups. Find best dental clinic in Dubai that can give you the best dental advice given your situation. Your dentist should be sensitive and careful on giving you treatments and prescriptions as it might affect your pregnancy.


  • Opt for alternative options

You have some dental issues prior and during your pregnancy, it would be best to consult with your dentist for alternative options and solutions. Clearly, painful treatments might not be advisable during pregnancy as it might trigger contractions and premature labor.

For instance, if you are on the process of having braces, it would be best to delay this dental procedure and opt for a less invasive treatment like invisalign. Invisalign and invisible braces in Dubai can temporarily solve your underbite problems without going through a rigorous dental procedure.


  • Take in as much calcium as possible

You have to remember that you are growing a person inside you and this little one is sharing the nutrients you intake, including the calcium. Without additional nutrition, your bones and teeth might weaken that can lead to tooth damage and decay.

So during pregnancy, be sure to take in as much calcium as possible. Eat foods that are rich in calcium such as broccoli, kale, and cheese. Your OB-GYNE would probably prescribed multivitamins that includes calcium, so be sure to take it.

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