Surprise your family and friends with custom poker chips

Custom poker chips are the best customized gift that you can get for your loved ones these days. To give them that personal touch you can get them printed in whatever color you want with your photos and initials placed over them.

The most interesting thing is that these chips are not mere gift items. These can also be used by businesses as a unique marketing tool. All they need to do is get their business logo printed over them and hand these out to prospective clients.  The production of custom poker chips involves getting inserts created in the middle or a design printed over them to achieve a custom look. But remember, when you set out to buy these amazing gift items, there might be a minimum number that you would necessarily have to purchase as is the case with a majority of personalized gifts in Dubai.

Clay is the material with which these chips are most commonly produced. The reason is that doing so would give a true casino look and feel to them. However, their design and colour choices are totally up to you. So if you plan on having a card game at home, playing with these personalized chips is surely going to be a major hit amongst all.

What you can do is have them made in a number of denominations to keep up with the actual ‘betting’ nature of poker. Their value generally ranges from five cents to five thousand dollars and playing with custom poker chips would make things easier as you would no longer have to match values and chip colours.

A majority of people prefer getting a monogram or their initials printed over these chips, but that is totally up to you. Getting artwork or photos printed on them is also a very popular option and people generally get these done to exhibit their lifestyles. Give them your unique, personal touch and get text of your choice printed over them in whichever font style you want. Personalization is the word when it comes to custom poker chips.

If a birthday is coming up, you can get a greeting printed over this gift item and you can also use it as a wedding favor. If your father is about to retire, consider getting him one too. These are highly beneficial for business owners as well considering that they can give these away as freebies with their company logo printed on them. Why not try these out for the multiple benefits that they offer!

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