Top 10 things you should know before moving to Canada

If you are Indian, then it is not so easy to shift to Canada because of having so many differences between the two countries. See here below to read what you should know before moving there!

  1. Unlike India, Canada has all four seasons. All seasons are too different. Their winters are extremely cold and their summers are not less hot. You will find the days when leaves are falling and the time when leaves are growing on the same stem. 
  2. Canadian winters are supercooled. The temperature can be as low as -40 degrees. That’s why the citizens are crazy about summers. They wait to spend nights and days on the beaches in Mays. 
  3. Although the country is stunning, it is pricier than India to shop, eat, and pay bills there. The citizens are adapted to the costs and prices but the price tags on shirts and purses give a shock to newcomers and foreigners. Secondly, the price tags do not have the actual price of the product. It is the starting price of the shirt, purse, or anything you are seeing. 
  4. Canadians are avid users of magical words. They use “sorry”, “thank you”, “excuse me” and “please” a lot because it is their social standards to consider others as equal to you. Therefore, use these words frequently when it is important. 
  5. Although the health care system is publicly-funded in Canada, it will take the time of six months to get such facilities. However, you would not get health care facilities when you will go to the dentist unless your employer provides you insurance. 
  6. Canada is multiculturalist; therefore, society will not force you to mold yourself according to the paradigms of the community. The community has simple and decent paradigms which include harmony, softness, and magical words. That’s the reason why many of their MPs in government are not the natives of Canada.
  7. The majority of the Indians do not have the habit of giving tips to waiters and helpers in cafes, restaurants, and solons but it is a must to give tip in Canada. The waiters and helpers expect the customers to give them some money. 
  8. Canada has employment opportunities but it is not easy to build a career there. You have to build networking before moving there to get a job so when you move there.

So, these are a few things that Indians should know before migrating there. You can go to Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad to get more information!

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