Dubai Desert Conservation Centre

The Dubai Desert Conservation Centre and Reserve was the United Arab Emirates first national park. Over the years they have developed a protected environment which houses the last of the desert wilderness. With the development of cities, such as Dubai, and with Dubai becoming such a leader in Modern technologies, the government of Dubai recognized the need to have a preservation project put in place for their beautiful desert habitat. The reserve was created for the endangered desert inhabitants, as well as the preservation and rehabilitation of the desert habitat. The Reserve was also developed with the intention of being able to have visitors come and experience the wonder of the desert.


There are a number of wonderful activities and experiences that can be found and had at the Dubai Desert Conservation Centre. Select operators have been given permission to be able to present these thrill seeking and culture experiences to visitors. Here are some highlights of the adventures and thrills that can be had at the Centre:


Horse Riding – A guide will take you on a wonderful journey through the desert landscape, where you and your horse can gently trot through and experience the glorious desert sites.


Wildlife Drives – A guide will take you on a gentle drive through the desert, while pointing out various wildlife, flora and fauna. A truly great way to experience the desert ecology.


Camel Treks – This is a fantastic way to experience the desert and an experience you are unlikely to forget.


Dune Driving – On a predefined route, you will be surrounded by the majesty of the desert in a four-wheel drive vehicle. You will make your way through the terrain and landscape of the desert to a Bedouin camp for a wonderful evening of entertainment.


Dune Dinner – Sit back, relax and eat! You will be able to enjoy a dinner of grilled meats, fresh salads, arabic sweets and beverages, all while sitting on low cushions in a Bedu tent.


Camping – A guide with take you to your encampment where there will be a tents and a traditional Arabian dinner waiting for you. A magical and mysterious night in the desert awaits you during this camping trip.


Falconry – The speed and natural killing instinct of each bird is displayed by the falconer. There are also plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the birds.


Private Desert Dinner – You are taken to a secluded spot, where a romantic evening awaits you, complete with cushions and run and torch light. You will also enjoy food from a personalized menu with a loved one under the blanket romance and mystery of the desert.


The Reserve’s mission and goal is to create a permanently protected area that ensures the future of the desert habitats and the protection of the biodiversity and inhabitants of the desert. They also want to make sure that there is access to visitors to be able to experience the wonder and majesty of the desert and its inhabitants in a safe and protected way. They also want to protect the traditions, history and culture of Dubai.

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